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Tekna Smooth Seat Jumping Saddle

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Developed for jumping and eventing, the Tekna™ Jumping Saddle is made from a real-leather looking QUIK-CLEAN™ material and a super flexible and QUIK-FORM™ tree system.

Smooth Seat The smooth microfiber, not only provides a satin appearance, but its anti-mold and abrasionresistant characteristics enhance the long-term look and durability of the saddle. Tekna’s™ QUIKCLEAN™ technology saves you time and energy and significantly reduces saddle maintenance. Additionally, this breathable material has the advantages of wonderful air-flow and respiration, providing a more comfortable ride for you and your horse.

Tree Width
The QUIK-FORM™ gullet system. Allows tree to be adjusted by heating. Tekna Medium tree is equivalent to 29cm, MW is 31cm and W is 33cm. A saddle cannot be widened or narrowed more than one level up or down. The maximum adjustment is 2cm. The range is from 27cm to 33 cm width.

All TEKNA® Saddles are made of modern synthetic Quick-Clean™ materials - To clean, wipe with damp cloth.

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